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How to Properly Mount A Scope on A Rifle

By Hancock Armory | 12 June 2019 | 0 Comments
As we all know, it is important for shooters or hunters to mount a scope on a rifle properly. If a rifle scope is not mounted properly, then it becomes useless and you can’t shoot accurately. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do that and need someone else to help them mount a scope. Now, you can follow this step by step guide to properly mount a scope on rifle by yourself .

Tools you may need to mount a scope on a rifle:

1. Scope rings.

Choose the suitable scope rings which is the proper fit for your rifle and that the rings are of the right tube size, diameter, and height for properly positioning your scope. When it comes to scope rings, you may choose a two-piece scope rings and a one-piece scope mount. Two-piece scope rings are cheaper and more common, while the one-piece scope mount tends to be more expensive but more stable.

2. Anti-cant devices.

An anti-cant device like bubble level is better than none. It contains a bubble of liquid which tells you if your scope or rifle is level to your rifle. Some are mounted on the scope, and some are mounted to the rail. To improve shooting accuracy, it’s better to have both of the devices.

3. Torque Wrench.

Torque Wrench will help you tighten screws of scope rings and bases to exact specifications. Now, lay out all tools you need handy and follow the steps below to properly mount a scope on your rifle.

How to Mount A Scope on A Rifle

Step1. Mount Scope Rings
Mount the scope rings on your rifle, remove the top half of the rings and put them (and their screws) in a safe place. Then place your scope into the open rings and put the top rings on the scope. Just enough to snug up the scope, but loose enough that you can turn the scope to level the reticle and move it back and forth to adjust eye relief.

Step2. Adjust Eye Relief
You need to establish a proper eye relief which will give you a crystal-clear picture without any ‘scope shadow’ in your sight. Now close your eyes, shoulder the rifle and then open your eyes: Field of view should be full and the reticle level. You may unfasten the mounts in order to move the scope rearwards or forwards and get the proper eye relief.

Step3. Level the Scope
To level the scope, you may need anti-cant devices like scope bubble level and rifle level. Place the scope bubble level on your scope, and place the rifle level on your rifle, then make sure the bubbles are in the middle of the levels. If you do decide to cant the reticle of your scope, you'll need to make sure the reticle is still level with your anti-cant device.

Step4. Tighten the Screws
Tighten each screw with torque. Most base and ring sets will have a recommended torque for the screws. Use the right torque to tighten the screws.
Scope base screws torque: 30 inch-lbs "MAX"
Windage screws torque: 30-40 inch-lbs "MAX"
Scope ring screws torque (Aluminum Rings): 10-15 inch-lbs "MAX"
Scope ring screws torque (Steel Rings): 15-20 inch-lbs "MAX"

Above is all about how to mount a scope on a rifle. Now you can zero your scope and start your hunting or shooting journey.

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