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Help Center
Hancock Armory was established by a group of shooting enthusiasts for enthusiasts. When shopping with us, it is guaranteed that you are buying with confidences as our products are worth every single penny of your hard earned money. If you are curious to why we can make this claim, please see “our mission” section below.
Our advisory team consists of military personnel, professional competition shooters and hardcore enthusiasts that has and always will carry our core values forward and continue to offer products that we trust our lives with.
Our Mission
Everyday low price with no quality compromise!
There has always been a saying of great product “is worth every single penny of it”. What we have learned throughout years of experience is that even for the most well-known industry accepted products, a decent portion of the product cost/price is attributed by operational wastes including but not limited to inefficient inventory managements, cost of capital and storage costs. Each of these wastes may seem minimal by itself but when added together, it is significant! By reducing these unnecessary wastes, Hancock Armory can now offer everyday low price without compromising in quality.
In order to make our products worth every penny of your hard earned cash, Hancock Armory proudly implemented revolutionary Just in Time (JIT) inventory management system along with other efficiency methods with one goal in mind- to reduce operation wastes. These methods were learned and borrowed from other industries where they are proven to work!
Therefore, we are able to translate our efficiency into costing savings and eventually become extra money in your wallet! Hancock Armory has not and never will make any compromises.
When buying from Hancock Armory, a lower price is always because of
our amazing operational cost reduction efficiency and never a compromise in quality.
Customer Service
We offer fast shipping and first tier customer services to all of our customers. We believe that each and every customer who purchases from us is a customer for life. At Hancock Armory, we work hard every day to find new ways to enhance our product selections and to reduce unnecessary wastes within our operations. We maintain customer satisfaction by applying our passion and knowledge to each and every customer.
We also appreciate if you can offer us feed backs and or to make any suggestions. Your opinions and ideas define where Hancock Armory stands in the future and will help us to continue to provide excellent customer services for everyone.